In Addiction

I live in the world of color and laughter, but the only sights in my view are the storm
clouds in my head.
Who are those strangers who approach me? Their words are lost to my hardened ears.
I am part of the world, yet not of it.
I am alone with my addiction.
And this is what my disease wanted, isn’t it? Once upon a time, I was searching for love
and connection. I thought I found my salvation in the drug. It was a sure comfort and an
easy friend, but instead of healing me, it tore away everything I cared about.
I cry for the people I have hurt.
I cry for the friendships I have lost.
I cry for the life I might have had.
I cry for the person I could have been.
And now, I want to be alone with my only friend, the drug that sustains me. My captor
tells me lie after lie – that I need it and that it’s the only thing I really need. Give up on
the world and stay with me.
After all, how can I face the world as the person I am today?
How can I burden another with the struggle that weighs me down to the bone?

Isolation is Not the Answer

Disconnecting from the world is not the answer. I may not be able to see it now, but
hope is there for those who seek it.
The journey to recovery begins with making the choice: to let others in, to admit I need
help, and let that reality be okay.
There may be stigma, judgment, and the risk of failure with coming out of hiding, but to
heal myself, I must confront my fears.
Transformation starts when I let others start loving me and find it in my heart to love
The drug has created a separate world, but there are helping hands and loving hearts
that are waiting for me on the other side.
I know now: there’s more to life than this addiction.
I’m not alone. Far from it.
It only takes one moment of decision to start recovery.

Help for Recovery

At a time of great uncertainty and increased isolation, it’s more important than ever to
connect with others who can support you and help you through recovery.
With COVID-19 causing dramatic changes to our everyday lives, Medplex Inc. wants to
let those on the road to recovery know that we are ready and willing to help you move
away from addiction. Our professional care team seeks to bridge the distance with our
clients by providing supportive, encouraging treatment at any step of your recovery
process. If you’re feeling isolated, we’re here for you. We are always ready to help
people recover from addiction. Please call 205-731-9090 or click here to begin your
journey to a better life today.

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