To make a difference by passionately providing treatment for those who are battling opioid dependence and addiction.


Mission Statement

MedPlex Inc. is dedicated to improving quality of life.  We strive to equip, encourage and support each patient through their journey of opioid dependence and addiction recovery.


Core Values

Integrity, Compassion, Commitment, Teamwork, Professionalism


Outpatient Drug Treatment Facility

MedPlex, Inc. outpatient treatment facilities allow patients to continue normal daily routines while seeking treatment.  Treatment begins to take effect very quickly for most patients.  We are open six days a week at our Birmingham clinic and several days a week at our Jasper clinic.  This allows convenient treatment to ensure minimal interruption in your daily life.


Key Components of Opioid Dependence and Addiction

  1. Opioid Dependence can affect anyone
  2. Opioid Dependence can have harmful consequences
  3. Opioid Dependence is a chronic disease
  4. Opioid Dependence can result in serious withdrawal symptoms